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I've been busy, busy, as a bee, getting cards and such photographed for the GRAND OPENING of my Etsy Shop and making more card, completing ones I had started, and generally figuring things out.  I had previously opened a shop on Etsy a couple of years ago, primarily to sell vintage and sewing related items.  Then I sort of ran out of steam and lost interest so I closed it.

Now with developing this arts/crafts venture, I decided to open it up again and do more serious promotion.  The shop name was "nancythings" but now it will be "creativeresources & support@nancythings."  With Etsy, you can never totally remove your original shop name, which is a good thing for security and validity.

So my "grand opening" of CREATIVE RESOURCES & SUPPORT @ nancythings shop on Etsy may be ready by the end of this week 8/11/17 or sooner.

Click on "Buy My Stuff" and check out my "early" shopping selections in my Etsy shop! I'll be fully ready very soon.

What have I been doing lately?

Below are two post cards I colored using Neo Piko markers; pastel set.

Hello There!


See the photo of this lovely young lady to your left?  Very soon, I will share a bit of a mystery that I discovered about this photo and another photo that I included in my Paris Art Journal.  

Paris Opera House late 1870s

Check it out!

You can go directly to my Etsy shop by this blue link Creative Resources & Support @ nancythings or also view many of my items for sale by going to my new Facebook page "Creative Resources & Support NANCY CREATES THINGS.

Both of these links will take you to the my Etsy shop and this is where you can shop securely using a credit or debit card or Paypal.  But looking and paying and shopping may not be super smooth just yet from Facebook. I'm still working on figuring that out.


OK, it's been about a month and I'm finally ready to "spill the beans" on the "mystery" I alluded to above.  (Not that anyone's written just dying to know what I'm talking about.)

This picture to the left is actually a Polish young lady of some sort of royal lineage.  OK, nice to know but where's the mystery? Keep reading.

When I was looking for Victorian photos of young women to add to the my journal story I was creating in my Paris Art Journal, I found a photo (the one to your right) from the same era of another young woman and liked it very much and wanted to include it in my journal.  So I ended up using this photo by placing it on a later page and identifying it as another shot of Mercy Edwina Ramsay, the "writer" of the journal.  The face shape is similar, the hair is similar, so it would work.  But wait!  I started looking at the dresses the ladies are wearing and they look almost exactly alike.  But just because there are strong physical similarities, does not mean these are the same young women in both photos. 

When I clipped both of these photos from a web search in Google images, they were not near each other.  And the second picture of "Mercy Edwina" has no additional background info as the first one did.

In the late 1800s, "ready to wear" and "off the rack" dresses were not available at local department stores. Most clothing was custom-made by seamstresses for the well-healed set or by the woman herself who wished to wear something new, (or wanted the kiddies to have new clothes) if seamstresses services were not affordable. And selecting everything for your dress meant going through many fabric samples and buttons and lace.  So how is it that the dresses that these two young Victorian women are wearing look very much like the same dress?  

I looked hard and magnified it, etc., but the photo just starts getting fuzzy after only a little magnification.

So tell me what you think?  Are they actually the same person?  Or are they sisters?  Could this be the same dress?









Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for more information!  Thanks for looking and please stay tuned for lots more.

Mystery Photos: What do YOU think?

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I've got lots more coming very stay tuned.