With the exception of my pictures and screenshots from Pinterest, the graphics are from www.freepik.com and clicking on them will take you to their download page. These graphics are "free" as long as you include a tiny attribution on the bottom or back of your card such as below: (this is just an example.)
"Designed by Winkimages / Freepik" or at least

"Clipart from www.freepik.com"....something like that.

One last graphic from Freepik.com that you may find amusing and fun to use.

Yes, Father's Day is over, but you may find some useful card-making tips here.

Don't forget the tiny freepik.com credit., somewhere on the card...the back bottom is a good place.

2. Now fold it in half, from short side (8.5") to short side. And it will look like picture below.

FYI: you folded the paper 3 times, but will end up with 4 quarters. Huh?

Super Easy "Quick & Dirty" card using regular 8.5 x 11 paper.  Can use copy paper(if that's all you've got.)

1. Lay out your paper horizontally on the table

Below are some Father's Day card examples from Pinterest.  They are not clickable.  But just go to Pinterest and type in "Father's Day" and you'll see many hundreds! (and many of them include the directions.)

As in the screenshot above (not clickable) once you have doubleclicked a free design you like, the page will open with selected design.  The images on this page are linked to freepik.com and doubleclicking an image will take you to its download page.

Start with instructions below if you are using the clickable images on this page.

When you get to the download page you will then need to doubleclick the blue box in the upper right hand corner. (see pic above.) Unless you have a paid premium membership, the text in the blue box will say "Download With Attribution."  So doubleclick it and your download will begin.  

These files are compressed so once it's downloaded, you need to go to the zip file probably in your "download" folder, and doubleclick it and it will expand into 3 or 4 different formats of the graphic. I almost always use the one marked jpg.

So after doubleclicking JPG, the printable image should open before you and you should be able to print it.


Sure you can!

Sunday, June 18 is Father's Day.  If you're in a fix for a card and you want to make something special, then these images and your own paper may help you.  You should be somewhat computer savvy in order to download and open the clip art.  (Time to mail? you're on your own...sorry.)  On this page I have some downloads of clip art and text along with card some card images and from Pinterest that may inspire you.  For my "quick & dirty" folded card, all you will need is a good pair of scissors, a color printer, some cardstock (thicker paper) glue (liquid or stick) and then print what you like and cut out what you like and go for it.  If you have no cardstock, you can fold copier paper, but it won't be as nice.  See instructions on the right of this page.

3. Now fold it in half from top edge to bottom edge (in direction of arrows) and it will look like the one below.  You can have your card opening from the right side or from the bottom.  Your choice!

Below is an example that I did using copy paper: Again, the thin paper will not give you the best results.  But it's the thought that counts. :-)  And of course, you can add more text and embellishments, which I would do under normal circumstances.

I chose one of the images from a set of 4.  I resized it to fit better.  You may not want to do this or know how, so selecting an image that fills the front of the card better without resizing would be a smarter choice.  I typed the inside text, lines and star using Word.

And it's not as much fun or as artistic and crafty as creating your own cards...in a workshop....like the ones I have :-)...But there is software to design and print a folded card from letter size paper using Word or other graphic programs.  Then don't have to cut and paste images and text.  You design it,  print it out, fold it up and you're done!   I have used Avery but there are others.  I will gather up info and include it on this site soon.

This is the folded card I made for Phil last year.

Here's how you download on freepik.com:  If you don't click on the images I have chosen here and want to browse on your own, do this: When you arrive at freepick.com, type in "fathers day" in the search field.  You can't miss the search box.  It's very large and at the top of the page.  Many pages of father's day designs will appear.  Select the free images that have the S mark, otherwise, the P are premium and you have to pay for those.  Yes, they are free, but you need to give Freepik some credit. (see paragraph on left.)

These are images I chose, but you may find others that you like better.