This page displays notices and announcements that had been on the front page for a while, and are still relevant or informative, but no longer deserve "front page" status.

EXTRA, EXTRA! Read all about it!

My husband, who works at NIH, came across some really neat and unique images to color that the National Library of Medicine put together called "Color Our Collections" for anyone to enjoy coloring.  I will be completing some and post them here. Click link below if you would like to download and print the images for your own coloring enjoyment.

Experimenting with giving an aged look to an embossed piece of tin foil...yep, the stuff you have in your kitchen.

What happened to the Crafty Art Journaling workshop @ Plaza Art? 

I was truly excited about instructing this workshop.  But there was no interest and I had no sign-ups.  Basically the workshop has been cancelled, although it may still be viewed online.

I have been told by a Plaza Art employee that a number of other classes/workshops have been cancelled lately due to lack of interest.  So I guess I'm not alone.


For the Card Crafting workshop on June 27, only one person registered and so I cancelled and may do the same for the mini-art journaling and scrapbook workshops coming up through Montgomery County Rec. Dept. if I don't have more registrants.  Ditto for the card-crafting workshops w/MoCo Rec I had scheduled for the fall.

Pragmatic, that's me.  While I had hoped to build a strong interest in paper-crafting and related mixed media workshops and classes, the low response has led me to rethink putting my energy into this pursuit, and I'm not crushed or dejected. No, just changing direction.

And I want to give a big THANKS to all of you who attended my workshops.  I do hope you enjoyed the experience (I certainly had a good time) and learned something and tapped your creative juices.  

And if there's enough interest, I may still have some workshops once in a while.  I may even have 2 or 3 crafters come to my home if I can make the space and keep my little dog Gigi from barking at "invaders of her home."  Lola, my older and bigger doggie, will just quietly greet you and expect some pats on her head.

So I am planning and thinking and envisioning more of an emphasis on sale of my own greeting cards, paper-craft items and art along with producing instructional and informative videos on YouTube (thousands already do it, so why not me?) I am also planning to sell my creations at local community fairs and events. I have more ideas and plans to expand my little corner of cyberspace too by adding more valuable content.

I will never stop crafting and creating.  It is a great joy and gift to me and one that I had neglected for many years.  So full speed ahead and on to whatever's next on my creative journey!



What have I been doing lately?

Mini Art Journal Workshop:   I believe everyone enjoyed the time they spent at this workshop at the North Potomac Rec Center on Tuesday 7/18.  This was not an in-depth workshop, but  an opportunity to get some ideas and get started on doing art journaling.  I kick myself because again, I forgot to take pictures.

I have no more art journal workshops scheduled at this time.  Please contact me if you are interested in attending a workshop or just learning more about art journaling.  I can send you some guides and how-to info.​​

Photographing cards for sale.This is one I'll take over...the dryer and a ziploc bag box are actually showing in the back too near the third card.

Drawing with pencil then "painting" mostly with alcohol markers, an orchid that I took a photo of from a visit to a botanical garden.  This piece really stretched my skills and I'm not showing a close-up for good reason.