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Hey!  Take a look at my first brief video of an "exploding card" I made.  It's on my Creative Resources & Support YouTube channel:


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The Fairies are Coming!

I have some new "fairy "themed supplies, (paper,

dies, embossing folders, digital images,) that are really, well, ENCHANTING.In my last class, everyone was delighted with the 3 different fairy embossing folders.

(Videos and more "stuff" coming soon.)


xidasoft.com/Artist Corner/Pigs-feet.

Please note:  I do not have a "brick & mortar" business location. I do my crafting at home and then usually instruct at a local county rec center.  One of these days, I hope to have a studio with some classroom space. 

I have had a few crafting get-togethers at my home, but there just isn't much room for more than 2 additional people and myself.  Crafting is very messy you know, and it's hard to work when you don't have enough space to spread out.  But one of these days...

Oh well, until then, I'll dream about the ideal crafting and instruction space.  

Click the ADULT COLORING/COLLAGE Examples page. I just added some photos of my recent collage project!

This last example shows the basic shape without the card backing.  This "explosion card" is basically an ORIGAMI fold and there are many other fun folding ideas to explore.

Exploding Card video link

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Some things to consider if you've got some extra cash on-hand....

WOW!  Take a look at my YouTube Videos page!

Some more examples of Exploding Cards from Pinterest:  (not linked)

....huge room, lots of tables, lots of shelves, a place for everything...no schlepping...I can find everything...wow...this must be a dream....

Free mixed media supplies e-book

Site Updated 7/11/18

Hey Crafty People!  I am a subscriber to Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.  I love it!  Click on this paragraph to go to Cloth Paper Scissors website:


It comes 6 times a year and it's packed full of artsy/craftsy mixed media ideas and how to's.   And lots about Art Journaling.

It's like Santa every month!

Well, maybe.

What am I talking about?

I've just been reading and looking at video reviews and websites that offer monthly subscriptions for arts/crafts and paper-crafting supplies.




​and many, many, more.

Could a monthly box of crafting and art supplies be good deal for you? 

Check out Creative Resources & Support FACEBOOK page to see what I think.

Downloaded design from Freepik.com;one of my favorite sites for downloadable graphics to use in paper-crafting and more.

And in the same vein as arts/crafts supplies monthly subscriptions  mentioned above, I was surfing the Spellbinders website and see that they have a Card Kit of the Month membership subscription.  Here's a link to my Creative Resources & Support page on Facebook: where I describe this subscription in more detail. 


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for more information!  Thanks for looking and please stay tuned for lots more.


 One Summer Session for Card & Paper Crafting

w/Mixed Media

Saturday, August 18, #54798

register at activemontgomery.org

$45 for 3 hours/no addtl supply fee

1:00 - 4:00pm

Holiday Park Senior Center

3950 Ferrara Dr.

Wheaton (Silver Spring)

Rec Center Phone: 

(240) 777-4999


Sometimes good intentions just don't work out...

For a variety of reasons, I decided to cancel the Wednesday evening classes that had previously been announced.  I will have only one summer session on August 18.  I had planned for an additional June or July session, but between last minute decision to schedule,  miscommunication errors and the county's arbitrary decision making, I don't always have total control over what I can schedule.  Sorry for any confusion.

I am thinking about using some other venues for workshops and/or having some classes at my home, but I only have space for 2 at the time.  I will announce my plans once I figure out what is best and/or the interest level.  I am also currently doing some practicing to do some instruction/information videos on YouTube.  Stay tuned and I'll also be sending emails out to announce details.

Keep on crafting!


HEY!  If you click the photo above, you will be taken to the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine website page where you can sign-up with your email to receive a FREE Guide to Supplies for Mixed Media Art.  I don't think it's permissible for me  to download on my website.  So you will have to follow the link and sign-up and download it yourself.  But then you'll have your own copy!

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