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In 2015, after resigning from full-time job development work (for adults with intellectual disabilities,) (then worked part-time as a community support asst  in this field from April 2015 - May 2017,)I decided to enter into some sort of creative work that developed into what you see on this web site.  My initial intention was to offer practical work/learning assistance in the form of tutoring to adults with intellectual disabilities and then maybe add in creative and fun workshops.  I quickly realized that independent and private tutoring services of the kind that I had in mindwere not something that many parents of challenged adults would be looking to avail their adult children of on any sort of regular basis.  This was, I figured, at least the case without my being attached to an agency and/or licensed through the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA.)  I wanted to be independent of "state" and "agency," so I moved on from that idea.  So I scheduled workshops with Montgomery Co. Dept of Rec and have had some enthusiastic interest, and attendance has built slowly, and attendees do tell me they really enjoy themselves and I do too.  

But I'm nothing if not flexible and not easily deterred from my joy of expressing and sharing my creative and artistic passions with others and for myself.  So at this point, summer 2018, I have moved away, a bit, from concerning myself about building up my inventory of handcrafted cards and other items on Etsy and putting a lot of emphasis on growing classes through MoCo Dept.of Recreation.  If I did nothing but my Etsy store development, there may be a payoff there, but it is not something I currently have much passion for.  I have found that any one platform of selling online or blogging or website development requires a lot of ones time. 

So since I first wrote my brief "about me" piece, I have become very interested in developing my YouTube channel along with continuing regular content for my Facebook page and keeping up with this website...that I have become quite fond of.  And oh my, there are no end of ways to spend your money on people and businesses to help you market yourself and become a "booming enterprise."  I haven't even fully explored much of that because it would mean spending more hours in front of a screen and spending money I just don't have.  So while I do take advantage of modest ways to promote my mini-venture and make it reasonably profitable, I also manage to watch some helpful online biz building (and free) how-to's on YouTube.  I'd rather grow more naturally and in a way that feels more genuinely "me."  And I am not depending on this for a living, which makes me very fortunate, and very mindful of others who may have to work 2 or 3 jobs just to keep a roof over their heads.

So I hope all of you interested readers will stay tuned and thanks so much for your support!


About Creative Resources & Support and....me.

Art classes I have taken:

Drawing 1,2, 3

Design 1, 2

Basic watercolor

Modeling: live figure