Now click on My Art Journalpage to to see some of the art journaling work and process I've been doing.

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And then there is lots and lots of instruction info on Pinterest and YouTube.  Just type "art journaling how to" in the search fields on those sites.

What is "art journaling?"  

Just as with traditional journal or diary-keeping, where one may pen musings about life, documentation of experiences, struggles, daily notes, letters, random thoughts or whatever's on your mind, an art journal can combine these written elements (or with little or no writing) along with unstructured and personal art.  

The art journal can be about anything that you like.

A good way to begin to understand art journaling is to view them on Pinterest.  There are many hundreds to view and these will give you an idea of what you may want your art journal to look like.  So go to and type in "art journals" in the search field.  You will see hundreds of art journals and related items such as the ones I've screen captured below: