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About Creative Resources & Support and....me.

About me:

My job background for many years has been in human services, with a lot of that working with adults with disabilities.  I am currently employed with Corewood Care as a part-time senior companion.  I really do enjoy the wisdom, life experiences and fun of seniors...and then I'm technically a "senior" myself.  

I've always been creative and took art classes all through high school and then later at a community college.  I considered getting a degree in fine arts, but never really made the move or had the motivation to go in that direction.  I later got a BA degree in communication from University of South Florida, Tampa (2001 in my 40's) and in 2007 got a MS in mental health counseling from Nova Southeastern University, (satellite campus in Tampa.) I decided the road to get my license in counseling wasn't one that I really wanted to walk (after all that work...big sigh) but the education I received still informs me now as I work with seniors and before with adults with intellectual disabilities. 

Now I'm truly excited about pursuing this creative venture that I've been on for the last few years ...even with some uncertainty and "bumps" along the way. And I hope some of you will join me as we open up our energies to be inspired and grow with whatever artistic spark and joy may come our way.

​​​Arts and Crafts how-to's, mixed media, paper-crafting, including greeting cards, digital art, art journaling, product reviews,

& YouTube videos.

Art classes I have taken:

Drawing 1,2, 3

Design 1, 2

Basic watercolor

Modeling: live figure



No, this is not actually me & my workshop class, but we still had fun!

a studio of my own...I can see it...all the space I need...no more hauling stuff around...and classroom space too...oh my...is this a dream? Oh, yeah, it is. But who cares, I'm enjoying it....