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About me:

My job background for many years has been in human services, with a lot of that working with adults with disabilities.  I am currently employed with Corewood Care as a part-time senior companion.  I really do enjoy the wisdom, life experiences and fun of seniors...and then I'm almost there myself.

I graduated in 2001 (in my 40s) from University of South Florida/Tampa, FL with a BA in communication. I had taken some "for credit" general education requirement classes at community college, but after working at USF as a program assistant in the Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering for a few years, I decided to pursue getting my degree as a full-time student.  After completing my degree and working as a transitional assistant with an organization that supports the homeless and others at risk and then another non-profit vendor agency for the State of Florida as a Medicaid waiver benefits support coordinator.  I decided to get a degree in mental health counseling at Nova Southeastern University in Tampa.  This took me 3 years on a weekend program to complete (graduated 2007)but the administrators of this program were not very supportive in helping with pre-graduation internships or job placement post-graduation, so we were on our own.  I worked at a few different agencies as a "counselor" but later realized that even though I had and still have a great compassion for people with mental health issues, a career in community mental health wasn't exactly the best field for me, so I eventually found myself moving (back) to Maryland and after a couple of other dead-ends work-wise, I began working once more with adults with intellectual disabilities as I had for a time in Florida, although in a much more direct way.

After resigning in January 2015 from full-time work as a job developer for adults with disabilities at Target Community & Educational Services in Gaithersburg, MD, I started to explore my intense interest in creative activities of the arts & crafts kind.  I have some art background mostly through classes in high school and community college, but I never seriously pursued anything in that field.  So I'm still in the "developing" side of arts and crafts (business or hobby?  I call it my "venture") with moving into YouTube and other social media and working out offering instruction and hopefully landing on the best way to perhaps make some real income for my efforts.  Making any "big" money, however, is way less important to me than being fulfilled by what I do and inspiring others so to that end, I'm lucky that I'm not under any pressure but my own to "make this creative thing pay."  As a friend of mine says: onward. And  the saying"life is a journey, not a destination," also comes to mind.

About Creative Resources & Support and....me.

Art classes I have taken:

Drawing 1,2, 3

Design 1, 2

Basic watercolor

Modeling: live figure



No, this is not actually me & my workshop class, but we still had fun!

(as of 11/3/18)

Card Crafting Workshops? 
I recently decided to discontinue offering the "Card & Mixed Media" workshops with Montgomery County Dept. of Recreation.

The response for registrants had dwindled to virtually nothing after spring 2018 and when I decided to only have 3 hour Saturday classes.  I also found that I, myself, did not have the enthusiasm I once had for the workshops at Holiday Park Senior Center.  And then dragging all the supplies with me for each class was becoming difficult and I dreaded it.  I also felt that the Mont. Co. Dept of Rec was not as supportive or open-minded about "where" I would like to have my classes and even "what" classes I I wanted to offer (plus their taking 40% of class revenue doesn't help either.)

HOWEVER: Like so many things in life, we learn by experience, whether these experiences work out (like we think they will) or not.  So having the workshops with MoCo Dept of Rec, provided some important learning experiences.  Mostly, I learned a lot about what NOT to do and how important detailed planning and organizing is, which is almost always a challenge for me.  But I also learned a lot about what attendees are most stimulated by.  And then I had some fun too and class participants said the same and that's the best part!

So I am thinking a lot about what to do "instruction-wise" for the future.  I will continue to develop my YouTube channel, (please subscribe :-))and have more how-to's, rather than mainly "show & tell" type videos.  But producing videos is much more involved and complex than I ever realized.  I will also continue to develop my Facebook Page (nancycreatesthings) and maybe even restart my Etsy Store (Nancythings)  (please note, my Etsy store is in the process of being updated, so items you see there may not be available at this time.)  Oh, and I'm also now on Instagram nancyloomis2 where I display a lot of my coloring projects.

I also plan to check out other venues/organizations that may be a better fit for me and the type of workshops I'd like to offer. I hope to find a location/organization where the management is more engaged and interested in supporting and encouraging instructors to expand and explore their creativity and skills and that of their potential class members.

And last, but not least:  I plan to create a regular web log (blog) and may also be able to have some workshops at my home on occasion.  Having dedicated studio space would be a dream come true.  Maybe one of these days.

Stay tuned and see what's coming up...

a studio of my own...I can see it...all the space I need...no more hauling stuff around...and classroom space too...oh my...is this a dream? Oh, yeah, it is. But who cares, I'm enjoying it....