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As in the screenshot below (not clickable) once you have doubleclicked a free design you like, the page will open with selected design.  

Start with instructions below if you are using the clickable images on this page.

When you get to the download page you will then need to doubleclick the blue box in the upper right hand corner. (see pic above.) Unless you have a paid premium membership, the text in the blue box will say "Download With Attribution."  So doubleclick it and your download will begin.  

These files are compressed so once it's downloaded, you need to go to the zip file probably in your "download" folder, and doubleclick it and it will expand into 3 or 4 different formats of the graphic. I almost always use the one marked jpg.

So after doubleclicking JPG, the printable image should open before you and you should be able to print it.

This page displays partial content from earlier pages that have been deleted or have had some content removed.  

EXTRA, EXTRA! Read all about it!

My husband, who works at NIH, came across some really neat and unique images to color that the National Library of Medicine put together called "Color Our Collections" for anyone to enjoy coloring.  I will be completing some and post them here. Click link below if you would like to download and print the images for your own coloring enjoyment.


Experimenting with giving an aged look to an embossed piece of tin foil...yep, the stuff you have in your kitchen.

Some Father's Day Card images and ideas....


Sure you can!

Sunday, June 18 is Father's Day.  If you're in a fix for a card and you want to make something special, then these images and your own paper may help you.  You should be somewhat computer savvy in order to download and open the clip art.  (Time to mail? you're on your own...sorry.)  On this page I have some downloads of clip art and text along with card some card images and from Pinterest that may inspire you.  For my "quick & dirty" folded card, all you will need is a good pair of scissors, a color printer, some cardstock (thicker paper) glue (liquid or stick) and then print what you like and cut out what you like and go for it.  If you have no cardstock, you can fold copier paper, but it won't be as nice.  See instructions on the right of this page.

Mini Art Journal Workshop:   I believe everyone enjoyed the time they spent at this workshop at the North Potomac Rec Center on Tuesday 7/18.  This was not an in-depth workshop, but  an opportunity to get some ideas and get started on doing art journaling.  I kick myself because again, I forgot to take pictures.

I have no more art journal workshops scheduled at this time.  Please contact me if you are interested in attending a workshop or just learning more about art journaling.  I can send you some guides and how-to info.​​

Drawing with pencil then "painting" mostly with alcohol markers, an orchid that I took a photo of from a visit to a botanical garden.  This piece really stretched my skills and I'm not showing a close-up for good reason.